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Tote Bags

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Bags for all occasions

In a day where the 10pence bag charge can irritate even the most loyal shopper, Tote Bag printing is a great advertising tool, but also one that you can guarantee will be used time and again!

What’s on offer?
Choose from five different size options:

  • Cotton bag long handle – 38 x 42cm, 110grams. Available in: white, black, orange, red, natural, royal blue, lime, yellow, green, dark blue, magenta, lavender, dark green, grey and aqua blue.
  • Cotton bag short handle – 38 x 42cm, 100grams. Available in: white, black, orange, red, royal blue, lime, dark blue and magenta.
  • Heavy-duty cotton bag long handle – 38 x 42cm, 140grams. Available in: white, black, orange, red, natural, royal blue, lime, yellow, green, dark blue, lavender, grey, pink, and blue
  • Extra heavy-duty bag long handle – 38 x 42cm, 180grams. Available in: white, black dark blue, red, natural and lime.
  • Cotton shopper bag – 38 x 42cm, 220grams. Available in: white, black, orange, red, natural, royal blue, lime, dark blue and blue.

Tote Bag printing comes available in single or double-sided print with up to 4 spot colours. They come in quantities of 25 – 250 copies so whatever the size of your promotion we’ve got Tote Bags to suit.

All of our prices are based on you supplying your own artwork, if you require us to create the artwork or if you would like to discuss supplying your own artwork please call us on 023 9271 8111 or email: hello@headlineprinters.com

Technical Specifications for Tote Bag Printing

Artwork specification:

Tote bags can be printed double or single sided.

We recommend you create your artwork in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator (or other vector-based software) and supply your file as a print-ready PDF, saved under PDF profile PDF/X-1a:2001. Please submit your files as 1 layer without transparencies.
Your design should be supplied at the same size as the printable area, without a bleed. Please download our templates to find the maximum printable size for your selected product.
Due to the screen-printing process we use, colours should be used from the Pantone® Coated Library only. We cannot accept CMYK, RGB or unnamed spots.
We use plastisol inks that are phthalate-free, eco-passport certified and scentless.

  • You can include a maximum of 4 Pantone® (spot) colours in your design, as 100% solid colours.
  • Please ensure colours do not overlap in your design.
  • Gradients and percentages of a colour cannot be reproduced using this print process.
  • To print in black or white, please use the colours PANTONE Black C and PANTONE White (this is not part of the Pantone library so you should create a spot colour named PANTONE White within your colour swatches). 
  • Please do not represent the colour of your Tote bag on your artwork unless you are printing using PANTONE White. If you are printing PANTONE White please supply your artwork with a background colour, in CMYK, which represents the colour of tote bag which has been ordered.
  • Outline or embed fonts.
  • Please ensure the design is fully vectorised and does not use bitmap images. Any artwork containing bitmap images cannot be accepted.
  • Submit your files without cut marks or printer marks.
  • For optimal printing, we recommend lines should be at least 1.5pt and text should be at least size 14pt. For light and decorative lettering, we recommend a font size of at least 28pt.