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Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitiser Stations


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Our wall-mounted hand sanitiser stations are ideal for installing near entrances and exits, allowing people to instantly kill any germs they may have picked up from the door handle. They are supplied with a 1-litre dispenser which is fitted onto a pre-drilled A3 or A4 signage board, the design for which you can provide or use one of ours.

You can also keep yourself stocked up with sanitising gel by adding 1, 2 or 5-litre bottles to your order. This is 70% alcohol hand sanitiser which exceeds the government's minimum requirement of 60% in order to be effective against COVID-19.

Getting people into the habit of sanitising their hands as they enter and leave buildings is important. This is because any germs that may have been transferred from the door handle can be killed instantly, reducing the likelihood of them entering the body. Our wall-mounted hand sanitiser stations are an excellent way to locate sanitising gel at these key areas, allowing them to be highly visible and convenient for people to use.

Putting sanitiser on your hands doesn't accomplish anything however - it needs to be rubbed in using the correct technique to achieve the best germ-killing results. This is one use for the A3 or A4 signage board that we supply with the hand sanitiser dispenser, although you are able to use any design you wish to create. Alternatively, we have some stock designs that our team have worked on which you are welcome to use instead.

The signage boards are delivered pre-drilled, making it easy for a maintenance or facilities team to install the hand sanitiser station to the wall ready for use. You can also purchase 70% alcohol sanitiser as part of your order, with the option to order 1, 2 and 5-litre quantities.

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