We have all had to weather the covid storm in the last 18 months and thankfully there seems to be glimmers of hope now. For many businesses they have been forced to look at every single element of how they work, how they service their customers and adjust to new ways of carrying out business. It’s been tough but those that have come through have seen this as an opportunity to look at their brand and marketing and perhaps ask new questions. As they have adjusted and evolved their businesses, the way their brand is perceived has also changed. Does your logo still reflect your values and goals and how important is branding?

Brand design

Think of the best brands in the world and their logos are instantly recognisable. Apple, Coca-Cola, the iconic Nike tick; our brain processes instant messages about these famous brands. Equally we all know how we feel about logos aren’t “right” in that they can give negative connotations such as feeling cheap if not well thought out. A logo could be too like others or not memorable, so the feel and message is critical. Your branding needs to be a well thought out powerful design that delivers the first impression of your business.

Get the ideas flowing

The best people to ask about your brand? Your customers and your team. Ask the questions, what do we do well? What do we stand for? How do we help? What results do we deliver? Get everyone from the ground up to talk about the strengths and skills they bring to evolving your brand. Employers want staff to be proud to work alongside them moving the company towards the same common goal so involve them in your conversations on branding and logo design.

Create trust with your brand 

Trust is generated through experiencing a business which informs how your brand is perceived. There are multiple touch points when a customer encounters a company brand so that needs to be consistent both online and in person. When branding is successful in every aspect of the business websites and social media, there is a distinctly consistent feel and messaging. This needs to be echoed in your signage, workwear, menus, leaflets and flyers. Ensuring that every area of the business has the same look and voice will generate trust.

So why is branding important?

When considering a company’s brand therefore it is definitely more than just logo design. Yes a logo is an initial visual cue to clients that starts to work on the brain but what it really means to those clients is key. We believe that a logo represents everything that is perceived about a business, its service or products and its reputation. At Headline, we get to realise all that hard work and thought and bring it to life with our printing services. This is the fun part where a business gets to physically touch all those ideas whether it be in the form of logos on t-shirts, flyers or stationery.

We explore the reasons why company’s rebrand in one of our other blogs.

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