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Packaging Tape

Custom Printed Tape

There’s nothing better than getting a package, even finding a little failed delivery slip through the letterbox puts a spring in your step! With custom printed packing tape, your brand will be the first thing your customers see when they receive their gift.

Our PVC/Vinyl branded packing tape comes 48mm in width and 66metres in length, or you can select a more eco-friendly printed packing tape with our paper-based option which comes in two widths - either 48mm x 50metres or 36mm x 50metres. It looks a little like masking tape, but it’s got a permanent strong adhesive to keep your gifts secure!

The paper-based option comes in light brown or white, and the PVC and Vinyl options are available in Transparent, White or Clear with up to 3 spot colours on single-sided print. All options come in boxes of 36 rolls of custom printed tape, simply upload your design and choose your colours from the PANTONE® Coated colours to ensure your design prints as you expected.

Choosing the right tape and adhesive:

Hot Melt Polypropylene Tape - Ideal for general use and cost effective. This tape has a hot melt adhesive which sticks when pressure is applied. Perfect for use in packaging, bundling and sealing cardboard cartons or boxes. It's also suitable for use in standard tape guns.

  • Available in clear, brown and white
  • Print up to 3 colours single sided,
  • Roll size: 48mm x 66m

Vinyl Tape - A very high quality tape and the best choice if your design has multiple colours that need to be closely registered. We recommend using a standard tape dispenser as the tape is durable and more difficult to tear by hand.

  • Available in clear, brown and white
  • Print up to 3 colours single sided,
  • Roll size: 48mm x 66m

High Tack Acryllic - A pressure sensitive adhesive which requires pressing down firmly to ensure a good bond, perfect for long term adhesion, for example, if boxes are going to be stored un-opened for long periods of time.

  • Available in clear, brown and white
  • Print up to 3 colours single sided,
  • Roll size: 48mm x 66m

Polypropylene Solvent Tape -A high quality tape that's best used if you require adhesion for long periods of time. Solvent tape performs well in cold environments.

  • Available in clear, brown and white
  • Print up to 3 colours single sided,
  • Roll size: 48mm x 66m

Kraft Paper - The most environmentally considerate tape option. If applied to a cardboard box, it can be recycled. 

  • Available in brown and white
  • Print up to 3 colours single sided,
  • Roll sizes: 36mm x 50m, 48mm x 50m

For optimum performance, the tapes should be stored in temperatures between 15°c to 25°c, in a cool, clean environment.

All of our prices are based on you supplying your own artwork, if you require us to create the artwork or if you would like to discuss supplying your own artwork please call us on 023 9271 8111 or email: hello@headlineprinters.com

Technical Specifications for Packaging Tape Printing

We recommend you create your artwork in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator (or any other vector-based programme) and supply your file as a print-ready PDF, using the PDF profile PDF/X-1a:2001. Please submit your files as 1 layer without transparencies.


  • Your artwork must be vectorised without any overlapping paths or bitmap images.
  • Fonts must be outlined or embedded within your file.
  • The printable area is the same size as the format size to be submitted. Please ensure the full design is included within the printable area. You do not have to supply bleed or use crop marks on your artwork.
  • Colours should be used from the Pantone® Coated Library only. We cannot accept CMYK, RGB or unnamed spots. To print in black or white, please use the colours Pantone Black C and Pantone White (you can create a swatch named PANTONE White within your swatch palette). Our Illustrator and Indesign templates contain this spot colour within the swatches panel.
  • If printing in PANTONE White, please represent the tape colour within your artwork in CMYK which can be found within our templates. 
  • Artwork must be supplied as solid closed vector shapes without any gradients or transparencies, we cannot replicate these effects using this printing process.
  • We recommend line-work has a minimum weight of 1.5pt (points) (3pt for reversed-out lines).
  • Fonts should be at least 8pt (10pt for light and decorative fonts).
  • Please contact us for one of our templates to assist with setting up your artwork.

Ordered Roll Size      Artwork Size
48mm x 50m              273mm x 44mm
48mm x 66m              273mm x 44mm
36mm x 50m              273mm x 32mm