Headline Printers Limited

Paper Size Guide

Cut Paper Sizes
A Range
This is the finished trimmed size of paper used in printing and related industries.

Size               mm

A7             105 x 74
A6             148 x 105
A5             210 x 148
A4             297 x 210
A3             420 x 297
A2             594 x 420
A1             841 x 594
A0             1189 x 841


SR Range

These are the sheet sizes printers use to print on their presses.

Size           mm
SRA4         320 x 225
SRA3         450 x 320
SRA2         640 x 450
SRA1         900 x 640
SRA0         1280 x 900

B Range

These are less common sizes used in the printing industry.

Size           mm
B4             353 x250
B3             500 x 353
B2             707 x 500
B1             1000 x 707
B0             1414 x 1000

Envelope Sizes

C Range for envelope sizes
The C range allows for A range sizes to be inserted.

Size           mm
C6             162 x 114
C5             229 x 162
C4             324 x 229
C3             458 x 324

Other Useful Paper Sizes

The standard Business card size 85mm x 55mm although other sizes near to this are not uncommon.

Letterheads are printed on an A4 sheets

Compliment slips are normally 210mm wide x 99mm deep or 1/3 A4.

DL size envelope 110mm x 220mm to take an A4 sheet folded to 1/3 of A4.

6pp DL 99mm x 210mm folded twice, normally an A4 sheet printed in a landscape style to give 6pp portrait pages.