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Hospitality has gone through a hard time in recent years, so it’s more important than ever to let your customers know that your food business is very much open for business.

Print products for restaurants and takeaways really are the bread and butter of the hospitality industry and are a great way to showcase your offering, build your brand and bring in more money – now isn’t that a tasty idea?

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We really have got the recipe for making you stand out from the crowd and through our comprehensive printing for the food industry, we can help you boost your marketing and visibility.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the chef at a Michelin star establishment or the local greasy spoon, print products for restaurants and takeaways are a must-have for anyone in the catering and hospitality industry.

Eye catching menus are not just essential for your visiting customers but also a great way to share your delicious offerings with people who haven’t visited your establishment yet. A door drop in your local area can entice people in for a sit down meal or mouth-watering takeaway.

Takeaway menus are something most people tend to keep for when the urge hits them – so make sure you’ve had yours printed and delivered. All that’s left to do then is wait for the orders to roll in!

During lockdown many enterprising chefs created a takeout option for their customers, which has proved to be so popular that even though they may have now reopened, they continue to offer this service.

Branded boxes and containers are a great way to continue your marketing when delivering food, why not tuck in a flyer or leaflet about what else you offer to keep the customers interested?

Those same boxes are also extremely useful for a range of other businesses. Bakers who might be creating everything from birthday cakes to cupcakes can offer them in branded boxes.

This not only serves the purpose of reminding the buyer of your details but will also flag you up to anyone else who happens to be around and tucking into your culinary handiwork.

It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to market and why not think about a discount voucher on their next order or an introductory off they can pass to a friend? It’s a great way to build your customer base.

Printed materials are the life blood of catering operations, as many customers want to actually hold something tangible in their hands.

A brochure or flyer can work wonders – and why not think about some magnetic panels for the side of your vehicle with all your details on?

Then you have an all singing, all dancing, all moving advertisement which is likely to be seen by literally thousands of people every day.

When it comes to printing for the food industry we’re delighted to say we really have got our teeth into some mouthwatering products.

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