Health and Fitness Printing

Health & Fitness Printing

Promotional Products for the  Health and Fitness Industry

When you work in the health and fitness industry, it’s not just your clients that need to be in good shape, it’s your marketing strategy as well.

In the UK, the health & fitness industry is worth a whopping £1.6 billion, so if you want a slice of that low calorie pie, you better make sure your marketing materials are fit for purpose.

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Personal Trainers

The growth in demand for personal trainer’s has been huge in recent years and is no longer considered a luxury that can only be afforded by celebrities or the rich.

Having someone to motivate and support you, whether for weight loss or health reasons, is fast becoming an essential, and anyone who offers these services but isn’t marketing them can be missing out. That’s where high quality printing for health and fitness professionals comes into play.

At Headline Printers we have lots of cost-effective options for anyone who needs to expand their customer base.


A door drop of flyers in your immediate area – perhaps with an offer or discount as an incentive – is a great way to let people know about what you’re offering.

It could be an invitation to a taster session or even the formation of a group of like-minded individuals who can work out together.

At the same time use your vehicle as a mobile advertising opportunity, with magnetic stickers which can promote your business.

You could also consider giving your clients a folder with information about nutrition, work outs they can do between sessions and other tips to really put you ahead of your competition.

If you work with a local gym, why not ask them if you can put up a poster to advertise your services?

Successful marketing is the lifeblood of health and fitness businesses so it’s important to get it right.

Well placed posters, pop ups, and banners can help drive customers through the doors, incentivised by flyers that offer a free session or a joining discount.

And once you have a loyal membership, keep them engaged with something like a regular newsletter to inform your clients of new classes or sessions, social events or other services that you are offering.

Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is big business, with many people on a diet or looking for a way to lose a few pounds at some time or another.

If you operate in this sector, then printed products are definitely your friend. From flyers and brochures to highlight your services to booklets which give everything from tips and tricks to healthy recipes.

At Headline Printers we have a huge selection of products to get your heart pumping and your adrenalin going which will give your business the perfect workout and strengthen its core!

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