Healthcare Printing

Healthcare Printing

Promotional Materials for Health Services

We know it’s been a tough few years for the healthcare industry, but what it has highlighted is the important role printed products have played in the promotion of safe practices.

We’ve all seen banners and posters reminding us about everything from regular hand washing to wearing a mask and even if those rules have changed, there are still many vital messages that need to be highlighted daily.

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That messaging is part of everyday life in care homes, where many residents are vulnerable in some way.

With that in mind, printed promotional materials for health services are highly effective, with leaflets, banners, and signage becoming invaluable assets in helping remind both staff and visitors of the rules.

Care Homes

Care homes should also consider printed promotional materials as a way of attracting new clients. A smart brochure highlighting the services, the quality of the facilities and the level of care is absolutely vital in getting new residents.

Having a tangible asset that people can browse at their leisure is a great way of reassuring families that your home is the best place for their loved one.

Also remember that the outside of your care home can also offer you some great opportunities for promotion.

A bright banner highlighting your facilities or an event like an open day is a brilliant way to showcase your offering to passers-by, with the handing out of flyers or leaflets.


Hospitals may not need to advertise their services – but there are many key messages that it’s important for them to promote.

Information and promotional products for the healthcare industry include pop-up banners and flyers which are a cost effective way to ensure the health and safety rules are being followed and that institutions are complying with the ever-changing restrictions. They can also aid in promoting preventative health messages.

Information about symptoms to look out for, specialist clinics, support groups or even visiting hours can all be conveyed via banners, flyers, leaflets or posters.

Hospitals can also be confusing places to navigate, so equally important is visible signage to ensure that visitors and patients get to where they need to be in a timely fashion.

And those assets can also be of benefit in other healthcare settings such as GP surgeries and dental practices.

Flyers, leaflets and posters are a great and relatively low-cost way to share important information, particularly where there may be a number of older people passing through who are not as present online.

Research shows that the retention of information from a printed product is far higher than online, which is particularly relevant if, for example you are highlighting the correct way to clean teeth or need to remind patients to book a check-up.

Guidance & Counselling

Those working in the counselling industry can also use printed materials to help them.

From appointment cards to booklets and leaflets that support clients outside of their sessions, promotional products for the healthcare industry can be of great benefit and enhance your offering.

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