7 top tips to get your logo noticed

7 top tips to get your logo noticed

So, you’ve got a great brand name and a stand-out logo, now it’s time to make sure you’re getting noticed!

Your brand and logo are the first impression a customer gets of your business and they often reflect the quality of the product or service you’re offering. Making sure you stand out either on the high-street, a busy industrial estate or out on the road is very important for brand visibility.

To help out, we have compiled our top seven tips to make sure your logo gets noticed.

1. Add an extra dimension

The use of built-up letters and shapes introduce a 3D element to your logo, by having some or all elements extending out further than the flat fascia. This style creates an eye-catching light and shadow effect.

2. Be distinctive

When it comes to deciding which material to make your logo from there are plenty of options. Whether your logois being displayed outdoors or on an internal wall, you can use different materials to create contrast and effect.

Metallics, acrylics and brushed stainless steel are all popular options to add a textured look to your logo and add personality to reflect your brand style. Commonly used materials such as aluminium or acrylic will create a stylish and sharp look and can be installed on various backgrounds like wood or brick for a more subtle effect.

3. Create a contrast

Your logo doesn’t have to do all of the work and it’s important to consider where you’re installing your new sign. Does the area get natural sunlight or is it quite dark? How is the existing wall decorated, is it exposed or painted? Questions such as these will have a big impact on how your logo stands out and any extra elements that may need to be added or considered, such as a backing board or sign tray.

For dark areas, an illuminated feature would help the logo stand out and if the existing wall is painted a dark colour using light and bright colours for your logo will create an instant contrast.

4. Illuminate

Illuminating your logo is one of the most impressive ways to make it stand out and can be integrated into other styles such as 3D to give an extra dimension. The great thing about illumination is making your business visible even throughout the darker months.

There are plenty of options to create an illuminated feature both internally and externally, each type of lighting offers different benefits and will create a range of effects.

5. Build a feature display

In reception areas or in offices your logo may create part of a feature display or wall. This creative way of displaying a logo helps to further show your brand personality and can even promote your brand values. For example, living walls will add a textural element, digital screens can be interactive and engaging and creating a 3D feature offers the opportunity to showcase facts or information about your business.

6. Make use of glass or windows

Don’t look through windows that could be an ideal place to display your logo. On shop, salon or hospitality fronts installing window graphics can help to obscure the interior and create some privacy while still allowing plenty of light through.

In offices with large glass partitions, an etched logo will not only look professional and sleek but increase safety by making the glass more visible.

7. Extra applications

Windows are only the start of alternative spaces to display your logo and there are plenty of ways to go the extra mile for a full branding opportunity.

Floor graphics as part of a wayfinding solution, a-boards to inform customers or vehicle graphics to create a 24/7 marketing machine are all great places to display and showcase your logo and other important information.

What makes a good logo?

Headline Printers can also help to design or update your logo if requested to ensure you’re standing out and creating the right impression. Good examples of logos will have a creative use of contrasting or complementary colours, an easy to read font and letter case and be easily recognisable.

Contact us today to find out how we can work together to create and install a fantastic logo for your business that will really make you stand out.

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