Be seen in Hi-Vis Workwear

Be seen in Hi-Vis Workwear

With PPE very much becoming part of our day to day language since the start of the covid 19 pandemic, it’s not just gloves and masks that fall under into this bracket. High visibility or hi-vis (hi-viz) workwear means anything that is luminescent or stands out from the background and is also classed as PPE. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations set out clear guidance as to what, when and where determines appropriate clothing.

As to the industries where you’d need hi vis workwear, here are a few examples:


Clearly you need to be visible when in a place with lots of noise and planes landing and taking off. But it’s not just the planes, there are luggage and safety vehicles moving around all the time, so safety and visibility at airports is paramount.


This can be the hub of any business and a busy high traffic environment. As well as forklifts moving goods around there is usually a constant stream of deliveries and collection of goods, so the staff here need to be wearing appropriate safety wear to ensure they are seen.

Construction site

There are a multitude of reasons for his vis workwear in this environment. If workers are on a large-scale development, then it’s likely there are earth movers and diggers constantly in and out of site. Vehicles will also be delivering materials and in some instances manoeuvering them into position so it’s imperative that anyone in the vicinity is visible to ensure safety.

Safety on the roads

We know roads can be a very busy and dangerous place to be if you are not seen but for the most part you are in a vehicle so when would his vis clothing be appropriate? Quite often highways maintenance is carried out at night when there is of course limited light putting the workers at risk. It is important that they can be seen because even though the risk is reduced with less vehicles on the road, highways are still not traffic free. It’s not just maintenance workers that need to be seen, roadside repair work must be carried out wearing the right clothing as well as cyclist and motorcyclists.


The good news is that the workers in these environments are not responsible for buying their own hi vis workwear, it falls to the employer to provide this. Employers will be well versed in PPE and what is needed depending on which part of the business staff are working in.

It’s not just hi vis products that we can provide, we have a whole range of other workwear to help you and your business. Our hoodies, bomber jackets, waterproofs, security jackets and body warmers are well made, durable and designed to stand up to the elements. We can incorporate your company logo on sleeves or wherever you would like it so. We’ve got the lot and can ensure it’s not just your staff that are visible, your brand is too.

Call us on 02392 718111 or email us if you have any questions about any of our Hi-Vis workwear.

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