At Headline our longstanding relationships with clients are very important to us. We strive to service clients so well that they come back to us repeatedly knowing they can trust us to deliver what they need. One of those valued customers is The Apollo Motor Group. We have been printing for Apollo for over 30 years and they approached us earlier this year to look at their workwear rebrand.

The brief

The Managing Director of Apollo Motor Group asked us to assist with their rebrand which consisted of a grey colour scheme across all of their workwear. Apollo’s workwear included Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Fleeces and Jumpers. The main challenge was to find a range that covered all their requirements from Mechanics and Drivers to Office staff and Management. We looked into different brands offering the best ranges in grey and supplied samples for all of the different garments.

The importance of colour samples

Upon receiving the samples it quickly became apparent that there wouldn’t be enough continuity of colour, as the shades of greys varied too much, even across the same brand. This would mean Apollo wouldn’t get the same uniform look across all members of staff they desired. It was decided at this stage after discussing it with the MD, to look into navy blue. Our years of sourcing workwear meant we were able to consult with several garment manufacturers and found that the choice of navy blue meant that there would be a much closer, consistent match across all of the required garments. Once again at this stage we provided samples of the workwear from the clients preferred brand and they were happy with the match across all of the garments.

Experimenting with materials 

Once we had agreed on the colour scheme, we were tasked to find a good quality Oxford Shirt as our client didn’t like the samples they had seen so far. Apollo wanted a heavier, more traditional feeling material than the “school shirt” feel most brands offered for workwear. After once again utilizing our contacts within our supplier range, we found Kustom Kit, who offered a range of Oxford Shirts / Blouses in Long and Short Sleeve Options in a heavier material. This was exactly the style the client wanted and they were extremely happy with the feel.

Logo design

The final stage in the rebrand was to digitise the logo for embroidery and supply embroidered samples of the garments for their approval. The embroidered sample was approved quickly and they were happy to proceed with their first order of over 1200 garments. We have now ensured that The Apollo Motor Group has a contact at each of their 15 sites who can order directly from us when they require repeat garments and have the ability to add new items when their needs change. The most recent addition to their selection of workwear is a range of Hi-Viz Garments, including Jackets and Cargo Trousers.

It was a pleasure to service such a loyal customer in this way and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

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