Could Promotional PPE Be The Way Forward?

Could Promotional PPE Be The Way Forward?

A huge number of companies have taken a hit over the last few months due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world. Being forced to close their business to clients and customers, put on a reduced service or have their staff work from home has meant many firms have lost significant revenue since lockdown was introduced at the end of March.

That is why now that businesses are beginning to open up again, they want to make the most of this opportunity and salvage some of the profit they have lost over the last four months.

One way they could do this is diversifying their advertising strategy, taking advantage of products that have now become commonplace in the majority of places – personal protective equipment (PPE).

While face masks, shields, gloves and gowns were uniforms only seen on construction sites or hospitals before, everyone is wearing them these days in order to protect themselves and others from the potentially fatal virus.

It is even compulsory to wear face masks in some places, including hospitals and on public transport, which means members of the public have bought coverings in bulk.

Companies hoping to promote their business as much as possible in the wake of the pandemic could use this as an opportunity by printing their branding, logo and slogan on to masks and handing them out to passers-by.

Joel Flambaum, vice president of WebbMason Marketing, told Promo Marketing Magazine: “The promo world has changed, and with PPE products, our clients are expecting more from us than just branded merchandise and apparel. Some of these items could help save lives or reduce the risk of spreading the virus. A T-shirt has never done that.”

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