Effective printed advertising for 2022

Effective printed advertising for 2022

Effective printed advertising for 2022


Business is always competitive so finding new ways to stand out in your market can be a challenge. Add in the increasingly busy online space means that business owners need to be innovative in finding ways to speak to their audience. Leaflets and flyers can be relatively inexpensive but effective way to grab attention and increase sales.


Using printed marketing onsite

The brilliant thing about using printed marketing on your premises if you have a shop or restaurant is that you already have a captive audience in a way that doesn’t always happen online. They know your brand, they’re on site and already engaged in the buying process.

All you need to do is think about the customer journey through your store or cafe and look for the areas where buyers are likely to pause or wait and ensure that relevant interesting printed marketing is positioned right there. If you have an offer of discount on that day for particular products and services, then that needs to be right at the front as customers cross the threshold. A poorly placed call to action can feel disappointing. For example if they don’t see a discount until after they’ve paid, a customer could feel short changed so you want that visible on arrival.


The importance of display

It’s not just a case of having the leaflet printed, how you display your printed marketing is critical. Leaving a stack of leaflets folded on top of your counter risks them being missed by clients. You have an ideal opportunity to upsell other products or services so you need to ensure these offers are visible. Think about using an upright flyer display stand where people can select something to read while they’re waiting. If you have a countertop that you know people will be standing against, you can have a small stand that shows useful information or offers in a simple leaflet they can take away. A leaflet display stand that attaches to the countertop might also be useful if there are goods for purchases as they already have eyes on that location,


Integrating online and off-line strategies

This is where printed marketing can work brilliantly in helping draw attention to your online business.You could have a mini brochure available on your premises and allude to the fact that the greater selection exists online. A brochure is also a great way to attract new customers as people pass It onto family and friends. The key to ensuring that this isn’t something you will need to print often is just keeping your core products in there and steering away from pricing so that any fluctuations do not mean you need to reprint all your brochures.


Whether it’s a flyer, leaflet or brochure there is so much you can do for your business in 2022 with printed advertising. Come and have a chat with us, from textured paper to clever folding we can help get your products and services seen.

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