Embroidered Workwear by Headline Printers

Embroidered Workwear by Headline Printers

What we wear when at work has practical considerations depending on what industry you are in. The workwear can also be reflective of the company values and what they stand for. This can come across in a logo in the colours and branding on the workwear.

Why wear a uniform

There is something about a uniform that makes you feel part of a team so workwear has an impact far beyond the practicalities of your job. We will remember that for years when we had to wear a school uniform and how we all loathed it. We also probably all remember customizing elements of our uniform just so that we could look different and stand out and that’s because we are humans. But a uniform and workwear can also have a bonding effect, it can send a message of “team” just by putting it on. The fact that you and your colleagues are all wearing the same easily identifiable clothing helps us on an unconscious level feel part of a collective that you’re all striving towards the same goals. In a world where increasingly work life balance is difficult to navigate, having workwear helps to define the space between home and work so that when you’re in your work you’re mentally in the space of carrying out your job when you take it off, you know it’s time to relax and wind down.

Embroidered workwear

Whilst we have mentioned that a uniform can deliver a sense of belonging, strong branded colours and a logo can also do the same. The human mind works as much on nonverbal clues as it does verbal; colour and logos have the power to deliver an instant message. We have a strong emotional response to logos that works on an unconscious level. If the messaging behind the brand is strong enough then seeing that logo or company colours on workwear can have a strong impact on the customer. It is therefore definitely worth exploring having the company logo added to corporate clothing.

High visibility workwear

Clearly there are safety constraints at work such as people that work in dangerous locations and occupations who need to be seen. In those environments high visibility workwear is incredibly important. There is also a strong case that branded workwear where you have your logo visible or you are in corporate colours when dealing with the public is actually necessary. Customers or clients can easily identify the appropriate person when they have a query and therefore workwear delivers non-verbal cues that we are all able to understand and in addition helps individuals respond as they need to.

The right workwear for the environment

When your job involves multiple tasks in different environments such as indoors or outdoors or activities that shift over the course of the year, it’s important that what you’re wearing serves a purpose. It might be warmth that is needed if you’re working outside or perhaps something that is waterproof. Whatever you need, Headline has you covered.

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