Equipment for Building and Construction from Headline Printers

Equipment for Building and Construction from Headline Printers

The building and construction industry has managed to weather the storm of the pandemic and despite some supply disruptions continues to be busy. In order to get the economy moving again and ensure demand for building continues, it’s not just the practical obvious materials that need to be sourced in order for construction and building work to carry on. Beyond the blocks, cement and bricks there is so much more that is needed to facilitate safe construction.

Project plans

From the outset of a project no matter the scale, everyone needs to know what they are doing. A clear plan sets out in detail how buildings will be constructed and the sequence the materials come together. These must be detailed and show all information that building regulations have specified such as where the structure will need steels to ensure strength. In addition to this, a plan must be adhered to as this is the exact specification that the local authority will have signed off and therefore must be followed. There will be multiple parts of a development happening at the same time so it is critical developers have copies of plans.

Onsite safety

To ensure on-site safety, it’s imperative that signage on a development is clear and adequate. Signs give people information about what they should or should not be doing in that location. For example, as they cross from one zone into another, when certain PPE needs to be worn or to indicate that there may be danger up ahead that the visitor’s attention needs to be on. Signs can also provide instructions such as the footwear you need to wear in that particular zone or indicate that high visibility clothing is needed in that particular area.

Social distancing

With many restrictions such as social distancing, hand washing and so on still in place, it’s important in an industry where there is contact between multiple people that signage is in place to advise safe working practices. By its nature, construction work involves using people with different skill sets and various machinery. With construction projects constantly evolving through the different stages of the development there can be multiple people moving about so clear Covid signage is essential to keep everybody working safely on site.

Equipment for building & construction

From high viz workwear to hoarding, scaffolding signage, safety signage and signs that direct workers as to where they need to go or the equipment, they will need in that area are all part and parcel of keeping development moving. It is often a noisy environment therefore signs and high viz workwear provides nonverbal clear instruction on safe practice onsite. When we look at a finished development, it is easy to think that it only needed people, machinery, bricks and mortar to come together but the plans, safety signs and equipment are also essential part of the developer’s organization.

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