How our new website improves the customer journey

We are pleased and proud to launch our new website. It has been a labour of love and always had our customers at the centre of this process. There are lots of reasons that businesses change their websites; a rebrand, an update or a change to the products and services they offer, or looking to upgrade the usability, which is why we started the process and then concluded it was worth improving the whole experience.

Brand personality

Our brand identity and values and what we stand for, had to come across strongly in the visual messaging on our website. That meant the design and colours had to encompass Headlines unique strengths as well as include content that reflects our goals and vision. This was a simple exercise in asking questions of ourselves such as what makes Headline special? What do our customers say about us? What do we do well that makes us stand out from our competitors? Once we had considered that, we were able to reflect that in our brand personality.

Ease of navigation

At the centre of everything we do is our customer, and our website revamp was no different. We wanted our customers to land on our website and be able to move around it smoothly to obtain the information they required. It was important to us with a new site that once there it was obvious where customers had to go to find the product or service that suited their need. This involved rethinking the page titles and where certain products or services should sit within those pages.

Simplify the customer journey

When we designed and wrote our new website, we made sure we considered the elements that would help our customer. From ensuring the content on the site spoke to them in a way that was easy to understand and attractive to simplifying their buying process. We wanted them to arrive on our site knowing that they were exactly where they needed to be. We feel strongly that no one should land on a website feeling confused about what the business does or how it can help them. We have made sure that messaging and our brand voice is crystal clear right from the off and our customers always arrive where they need to be and understand what step they need to take next.

Products and services

With the redesign, we considered what aspects of our products and services are important and sought-after while customers. This meant reviewing which aspects of our business were needed, what wasn’t and what we needed to add to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing information that answers our customers questions and delivering solutions that fix their problems/pain points. Our core business will always be printing solutions such as leaflets and flyers and business stationery for example but there is so much more we can offer. You may not realise that we can also supply workwear and plan printing, these can now all be ordered direct from the site.

We have also added an industry specific page, which over the next few weeks and months will continue to grow as we add in more and more industries. We have started off with seven, and inside each of those pages we will have printed items that are tailored for our customers in each of those industries.

Please check out our new website today!

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