How to safely get your team back in the office

This month saw the return of all staff that are furloughed, many seeing the office for the first time in over a year. It’s a real challenge for businesses to ensure they open again with adequate social distancing measures using dividers, social distancing signage and indicators to ensure their staff feel at ease on the return. The great thing is that the team at Headline has everything businesses need to get going again.

Signage to help your staff

The chances are you’ve had to rethink the layout of your business and where you’re going to put your team. From the moment they enter the building you’re going to need adequate signage to ensure everybody knows the new routes or layout you have put in place to get everyone back into work. We can supply safety bollard covers that give visual cues to your staff before they enter the building and floor stickers indicating routes and muster points as they enter. We have window stickers and A-frames that can be strategically placed around your business ensuring your team knows exactly where to be and what route to follow. We’ve even got your hygiene covered with hand sanitiser stations that can be mounted on the walls or elbow operated and even shelf-based systems.

Safe ways to sit with your team

Remember the hot desking of old? Well, no more. It’s not always realistic for businesses to space out and social distance so how about some clear dividers to help staff work closely together but still have a barrier between them. The secret to dividers when there is limited space is to ensure they are sturdy yet easy to assemble and lightweight. Our clear dividers are the ideal solution. You can still see your colleagues but maintain a shield from potential risk in the workplace.

How to safely get your team back in the office

Some businesses may have taken the view that they rotate staff and follow appropriate guidelines where possible. Everyone in the country is desperate for the business and the economy to get back on its feet so that means a cautious return into the office. We are so fortunate that the online world has allowed us all to stay in touch throughout the pandemic but now it’s time to return to face-to-face communication. A return to office banter, to tea breaks with friends, to meetings where you can read body language and pick up on all the non-verbal communication we rely on as humans. When we engage in conversation with our colleagues quite often off the cuff, ideas evolve and strategies are developed.

Let us help you progress your business, keep your staff safe and get our economy back on its feet. Come and see how we can get everyone back to work.

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