It’s not too late for Christmas printing

It's not too late for Christmas printing

It’s not too late for Christmas printing

You turn over the page on the calendar and realise with horror it’s December. This week. Fear not, it’s not too late to get organised. Most of us feel a cold sweat come over at the dawning of December as we realise all the things we need to get done before Christmas. If you have been busy then perhaps you have overlooked sending Christmas cards, calendars and wall planners both internally and externally. We have a simple, efficient service that will tick this job off your list in no time at all.

It’s not too late for Christmas printing

We know the pressure of getting work done alongside these end of year tasks so we can get those printed for you quickly. Of course you need to be mindful of the Christmas post as you don’t want your card arriving when everyone is packing up for the break but there’s still plenty of time to have those cards ordered, printed and sent. All you need to do is decide on an image, a list of recipients and get them written. We have such a fantastic range to choose from or we can help get your own design printed and ready to send out to your clients.

Personalised designs

It doesn’t take much to convey a sense of your brand or business into your Christmas cards. A simple logo with some festive wording both reminds a customer who you are but also wishes them well. How about a team photo in Christmas jumpers? Show the fun side of your business. When you use an image such as this, it reminds the recipient they are dealing with human beings who have a personality. Perhaps you want to go for a more traditional look to your card, maybe think about some way that you could incorporate tasteful and subtle branding. If you want a more traditional festive feel to your card then we have lots of designs to choose filled with all the wonderful imagery we associate with the Christmas period.

Who should receive cards and planners

This of course is entirely up to you but the obvious first choice is your customers as a thank you for their trade over the year and reminding them you are there to support them into 2022. What about your staff? It really doesn’t take much to let them know how valued they are and a card with a handwritten message in it really does go a long way. The same goes for suppliers, partners or affiliates that you work alongside. So much of business is about building relationships and sending cards, calendars or wall planners to those you work with can be seen as a nice gesture but also keeps you at the front of their minds.

Don’t confine yourself to Christmas, there are other holidays throughout the year you could capitalise on. The advantage of sending a card on a lesser-known holiday is that you will definitely stand out.

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