Our New Anti-Bacterial Laminate

Our New Anti-Bacterial Laminate

The print sector is constantly innovating and we continue to be amazed by what is possible in our field! We think you’re going to be pretty keen on this new innovation too – it’s a laminate that not only protects your print, it also protects people from any harmful bacteria on your print. In a post-pandemic word, there will be several clients out there who like the sound of that.

Get to grips with all the details on this new laminate option…

How does it work?

The laminate we are using is a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film with added anti-bacterial properties. But just what does “anti-bacterial properties” really mean? In this case, it means small particles of silver ions.

Silver has long been known for its ability to fight bacteria and, by including it in this laminate, it can eliminate 99% of the bacteria cells that come into contact with your print. Clients who need to be conscious of cleanliness these days will appreciate this little helping hand.

What will it do to the look of my print?

As with any additional finishing choice, this laminate will affect the look of your print. This laminate is biaxially orientated which means the polymer is stretched in two directions instead of one. The result is an incredibly clear, glossy finish. A laminated finish like this makes print feel much more professional and will help you to create a strong brand image.

How long will it be effective for?

The great thing about this laminate is that it doesn’t wear out, or lose effectiveness. Its anti-bacterial properties are integral to the laminate itself and have no shelf life. So, as long as your print is laminated, it will be protected from harmful bacteria.

It’s important to note though, that this laminate does not make a substitute for cleaning. Because it laminates your print, you can easily wipe the surface down without damaging your artwork and you should still do that regularly.

Who will is this product suitable for?

Anyone interested in increasing their hygiene efforts will want to know about this laminate. We recommend it to customers in the medical sector, such as GP surgeries who are creating a range of informational leaflets. It’s also a great suggestion for any print that is going to be handled by multiple people or in areas where people will be eating and drinking.

Aside from the hygiene element, this laminate is also gives a professional finish and protects your print at the same time. You can promote this side of things to any client looking to make an impact.

What products should I use it on?

Our anti-bacterial laminate is designed to help destroy harmful microbes on print before they can be transferred to someone else. In the aftermath of coronavirus, many businesses need to increase their cleanliness efforts in order to reopen, and this laminate can help them do that. It’s ideal for any print product that is going to get handled a lot, especially by lots of different people.

Flyers and Leaflets

As well as being great informative tools, cafes and restaurants often use flyers and leaflets as menus. Given how many people will be handling these products, we highly recommend our anti-bacterial laminate. Plus, it also makes cleaning off food and drink spills easier!

Point of Sale Items

Another favourite for restaurants, table top print items can highlight special offers and other important information. Products like table talkers and tent cards will be picked up by various people as they take a closer look at the details, so why not consider an anti-bacterial laminate?

Business Cards

The whole purpose of business cards is that you don’t want to hang on to them for too long, you want to be handing them out to people. Protect your business cards from scratches and protect the people you’re handing them over to with our anti-bacterial laminate.

This laminate is just the latest of a host of new product releases in 2020. We have been listening to your requests and bringing you the products you need to get through this time.

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