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In amongst the continual newsreel on Covid 19 has been the impact on the economy. You may have missed it but at the end of June, as part of his drive to boost the economy, Boris Johnson initiated changes to the current planning laws which came into effect in September.

The overhaul to the planning system has been long awaited and arguably overdue. The changes that took effect in September include allowing many commercial buildings to change to residential use without a planning application. The aim is to speed up the planning process for builder and developers so that vacant residential and commercial buildings can be demolished and quickly turned into new homes. Lockdown gave many of us time to think about possibly moving or making improvements to our homes plus with many people needing space now to work from home, it’s a busy time for architects and contractors with lots of plans being drawn up.

Do you need plans?

If laws are relaxing around planning, then do you need physical plans if there is no permission required? The chances are you may not but there will still be building regulations to adhere to plus potential structural considerations such as steels required for support.  Perhaps you’re quite proud of your drawing ability so you can have a crack at drawing your owns plans if you want to save money. There are even software tools out there that can help you but it’s not just the plans that the architect can provide. When you have a consultation with them, it’s also the knowledge and expertise that you pay for; years of experience working on similar projects that you benefit from. Put it this way, yes you can physically cut your own hair but that does not necessarily mean that you should! The Headline view: best leave it to the professionals.

Fast efficient plan printing

So where do we fit in? Well at Headline Printers we offer a wide format colour plan printing service from A3 to A0 at prices starting as low as £2.50 per copy. Time waits for no one; we know that better than anyone so once an order is placed, we can have these ready for you to collect in around 10 minutes. We can print any size plans or drawings as we appreciate that some plans are wider and longer than others. We can print plans many metres long if required.

We use state of the art Canon & HP printers for fine line accuracy and excellent colour reproduction. Our full colour plan service is ideal for architectural plans, engineering and structural drawings. If you have your plans already but need an electronic version, then we can also scan plans up to A1 size. It’s not just business days that we can provide this service, we can help you out at weekends too.  Just give us a call to check availability if you’d like an urgent print slot and if we can help, we will.

We also embroider and supply Workwear as well, so please ask us about that too.

Call us on 02392 718111 or email your plans to and we will get them printed for you.

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