Printed marketing for end of year sales

Printed marketing for end of year sales

Printed marketing for end of year sales

In a world where we are so focussed with online marketing, does the humble leaflet or insert still have power? Absolutely. It is a completely different way to target your market and arguably is received more favourably than being lost in the deluge of your inbox. The end of the year or the start of a new one is a great opportunity to reach an audience with printed marketing. All you need to consider is who do you want to talk to, what do you want to say and what is the offer you want to make? We can take care of the printing.

Inbound leads

Every single business is looking for customers that come to them without having to chase for it. A well conceived leaflet or insert has the potential to grab the attention of new customers and bring in business without the need for cold calling. Why are leaflets and printed marketing so effective? Well when you’re allowed to read something in your own time without feeling pressured, you are more likely to take the message on board. There’s something about an email into your inbox that feels invasive whereas a harmless leaflet insert packed in with something that is expected such as a calendar will be received with less animosity. Add in the word free or a discount to a leaflet or flyer, and you’re guaranteed to grab the reader’s attention.

Boosting your online presence

This sounds like a contradiction BUT if you are struggling to get your website or social media platforms visible then use printed marketing to get some online traffic. The beauty of leaflets through doors is that it is not subject to GDPR rules and regulations. This means you can utilise a great form of marketing and hit large areas of people with information on your business, it’s services and products. You could always make an offer to entice the recipient onto your website with a discount code they can use to buy goods or services. It’s also a great way to see which marketing tactics work and where your new customers are coming from.

Content is key

You only have a limited amount of time to catch a reader’s attention so whatever you include on your printed marketing material has to be powerful. Make sure you are talking to them in a language that they can relate to with a product or service that answers their pain points or needs. You may have restricted space so every single word has to be impactful. Great content alongside a well conceived design or incredible offers and discounts that will tantalise recipients, then it is easy to see  printed marketing can certainly have an impact.

When people get to the end of year they may well have more time and be more open to fresh products or services. It helps to jump on that 2022 planning so don’t miss out on the chance to get your business in front of your potential customers.

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