Reasons why business cards are still important

Reasons why business cards are still important

The humble business card can still play an important role in creating opportunities. Business is always about building a number of useful personal relationships and handing over a card in person still has value.

How do business cards help

There are stats that indicate that for every 2000 business cards handed out you can see an increase of around 2.5% in your sales. As with any form of marketing there will be a certain portion of the recipients who don’t respond to a business card but there clearly are enough to make it worthwhile. A business card represents your company brand as well as your personal one. It raises awareness of who you are and what your company stands for.

What should be on a business card

It has important information such as name, who you work for, email plus a phone number and address of the business. If you don’t get to see a person in the flesh, it’s something that you leave behind that can often be the first exposure to the business brand and image. It should reflect your brand colours and generally feature your logo. If there is an agreed font across all your customer facing literature then that should also be used on your business card.

Different paper to make an impact

It’s not just the information that is contained within the card, it can be how it feels that really makes your card stand out. Before the recipient has digested the information there is a sensory experience to be had that starts to work on the brain ensuring your business card is memorable. Examples of options:

  • Foil
  • Textured
  • Silk
  • Coated

We could go on but best to come and see the options on paper choice before you make a decision.

Style is everything

You really don’t want your business card to disappear into a stack of other cards never to be seen again so what can you do to make your card stand out? Aside from the type of paper we use, there are a number of options that can produce a really effective, different business card you will be proud to hand out. From different ink intensity to outlined font or a range of colour that will make your text jump out at your customers.

Reasons why business cards are still important

It can be that first important step to raising awareness of what you do. They are not overt advertising but they still play a role in promoting your business. When you hand over a business card you are saying I want to work with you, I think I can provide some value for you. It’s not an email with the expectation of a reply but you can think of it as placing the ball in your potential clients court. It’s a much softer approach than a phone call or an email so it could well hit the right tone for your potential client. Let us help you make an impact.

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