Starting a business during Covid-19

Starting a business during Covid-19

Starting a business in the middles of a pandemic, bonkers right? Maybe not. It takes resilience and innovation to get through a crisis like the one we have faced this year. For some it has been the push they needed to make their big idea a reality. A local business ourselves, we know that work and dedication are needed not just to start up but to maintain your position in amongst the competition. We have the seen the successful Dear Local campaign from Google with Anthony Joshua talking about the places he loves to use near where he lives. Lockdown gave lots of the people the chance to pause, take stock and decide if they really wanted things to stay as they are or take a chance.

Change your business

With many businesses in fact thriving, it might be time to pivot what you do and move into one of the growth areas such as:

  • Healthcare supplies
  • Online distribution of products
  • Freight carriers
  • Food delivery
  • Wellness or emotional support online
  • Coaching or training courses

Even online businesses still benefit from printing services so it is worth asking what we can do to help raise the profile of your brand.

We can help start ups

We know that money is tight when you start out so let us know you are a startup, and we will do everything we can to support you and ensure you stay competitive. With decades of experience, we can point you in the direction of products that you had not considered that we know are effective. It is in all our interests to help one another get off the ground because if the local economy does well, we all benefit. Have a look at our business starter packs as these are aimed at new businesses or small companies looking at a rebrand.

Businesses that deliver

Whilst out on the roads, you can use opportunities to show your brand through business cards left at drop offs or menus packed in with goods. Even your driver can advertise your brand by wearing polo shirts with the company logo on for customers to see. We know a sizeable proportion of business has moved online but with people at home either working or isolating, letting them know who you are through their letterbox is also an important marketing opportunity. A great ploy that marketing firms are now using is to hand write envelopes. No one can resist the curious pull of a mystery letter! We can provide headed paper that highlights your brand logo as you try to incentivize them to buy from you.

Business branded leaflets

Marketing really is a case of trying different approaches to reach new customers. You can pack your goods with leaflets or even branded stickers to keep your business and brand in the minds of your customer. You could try inserts with your logo on offering discounts on the next order or a new product range you think they would be interested in. Whatever you decide you want to try; we have a solution for every idea and want to help the local economy thrive.

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