The Dreaded C Word!

The dreaded C word

We know we’ve only just stopped having barbeques but it’s October and the time to pack away sun cream and flip flops is upon us. Much as we don’t want to think too far ahead especially in these uncertain times, the reality is Christmas will be upon us before we know it so it’s time to start planning what you need.

Christmas cards for business

These really are a great way to extend your good wishes to your clients and at the same time remind them of what you do. We offer custom made cards for you to extend corporate greetings either from our predesigned range or with an image of your choosing. A thank you from your team to clients as the year draws to a close really does go a long way and into the bargain you get your brand in front of them.

Cards to suit every taste

With over 150 designs to choose from, we really do spoil you for choice. There are options to suit every taste even down to the font. If you like the more traditional feel cards, we’ve got you. If humorous greetings are your thing, we can provide those too. We can personalize your cards with photos so that you can make sure your family and friends know how important they are to you. And hey, it’s a chance to don Christmas jumpers and hats, what’s not to love?

Social responsibility

We’re all a bit more mindful now regarding our community so rather than just send a card, make sure it does some good at the same time. You can choose a design and nominate the charity of your choice from those on page 2 of our Christmas Card brochure and 10p (inc. VAT) from every card you purchase will go to supporting your chosen charity. The accreditation for the charity you choose will be printed inside your cards in the same colour as your greeting unless you have chosen foil, then it will be printed in black ink.


Surely 2021 will be better right? It’s not all been negative this year as some of us have really come to appreciate local shops, nature and our families. A new year however is always something special and allows us to draw a line under the one that has gone before. We have a range of calendars to suit your needs. If you want to personalize your calendar with photos, we can do that for you so you can spend the year flipping over the months reminding you of happy times.

Wall planners & calendars for business

We all need to regroup & be optimistic for 2021 so businesses will need to plan in strategy. A wall planner is a great way to have visibility of what’s ahead in terms of events, staff leave and business goals. We can add your logo and business details so that you can distribute to your customers and they will be reminded of you throughout the year.

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