Time to hit the gym

In the past the gym was for many something we dragged ourselves to. It’s surprising however when something is taken away from you how important it becomes. Let’s face it, for many of us the lockdown lard has piled on! We’ve all been on more walks than any of us ever thought we would but it’s no substitute for breaking a sweat. Whilst many of us have come to appreciate our local area, there are only so many walks that you can do before you actually miss the treadmill. The gym is about more than exercise; it’s about camaraderie, a sense of achievement, pulling on your gym gear and physically going somewhere to commit to some exercise. Gyms have brought in one-way systems, hand sanitiser, social distancing and of course limiting numbers. Exercise machines have been spread out, cleaning protocols employed and time gaps left between members. Like many venues,  local gymnasiums are ensuring adequate signage is in place both to advise hygiene and safety protocols as well as directing members to the new layout and way that they navigate themselves through the gymnasium.

Hairdressers reopening

Of all the things that people have gone without in the last few months, we think the hairdressers will be one that people are very grateful to enter. Hardest hit in the closure of hairdressers has been men. Whilst women can afford to let their hair get a bit longer or have a family member touch up their roots, men on the other hand have been left with rather “interesting” lockdown hairdos. Unless you’re a dab hand with the clippers or you wanted to go down the road of the 1970s bowl cut, many men especially those blessed with a thick head of hair have started to resemble  The Beatles circa 1965. Let’s not forget the hairdressers and barbers themselves who are no doubt thrilled to open the doors again and look forward to a much-needed injection of cash as the nation remedies it’s big hair situation. It may not seem like the most lucrative of businesses but there is one thing that will always need addressing and that is your hair.

The importance of self-care

To an extent having your haircut and popping to the gym may seem like something that stems from vanity but in fact it’s the small things and acts of self-care that really boost people’s self-worth. Your self-care and the knock-on effects have benefits for your self-worth, confidence and mental health. We’ve learned more about mental health in the last year arguably then we ever knew before.

Here at Headline, we have lots of screen’s, visors and  PPE equipment that can help support gyms and hairdressers as they get going again after restrictions have been lessened. We want to wish local businesses in these industries the best of luck in getting back on their feet and we look forward to meeting groomed, more toned smiling customers shedding the last vestiges of lockdown.

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