The New Normal

The new normal

We all must find a way to live and work in these new conditions because it will be a long time until we go back to normal if at all. So how do we adjust to doing business and still manage to adhere to health and safety protocols?

We are fully prepared here at Headline Printers, so your business and staff are protected. We have evolved quickly to ensure we have a massive range of products for you so that you can work safely.

Health & Hygiene

From guidance on handwashing to Covid protocols, we have posters that promote health and good hygiene in the workplace. For restaurants we can provide wipe clean menus that enable your team to ensure each time someone picks it up it has been cleaned. We even have hand sanitizer plus dispensers so that full hand hygiene guidance can be observed.

Home working

There was a time this was dubbed shirking from home but no more. With so many of us now doing this, it’s important that your home work space feels comfortable and professional. We’ve all heard horror stories of Zoom calls that capture something they shouldn’t have so our Green Screen posters and backdrops ensure when you’re in meetings, the onscreen image is professional and work appropriate.

Personal safety

We have masks, visors and PPE to cover every single customer facing trade. You can trust in our medical grade face masks. They are approved PPE, CE certified and conform to EU Standard EN14683:2019 Type I. It might be that you don’t need this level of protection or mask wearing is difficult, so we have various grades of visors to suit. We know that the hair and beauty industry has been badly hit in the pandemic, so we have everything you need to serve your clients safely.

Back to work

We want to get the economy moving but also be able to conduct business safely. We have products that can ensure you open safely and have adequate signage in place. For the food industry we can supply posters directing customers to where they collect their orders and A frame stands to indicate safe queuing. We also offer a range of signage for floors such as one-way stickers and information posters to help workers and customers.

Social Distancing

Phrases that we didn’t use at the start of the year; social distancing, shielding, self-isolation have all now regrettably entered our daily vocabulary. The word social has always been positive, associated with parties and events but it means something different for now so we must adjust. To enable you to carry on trading, we have everything you need to ensure social distancing. We can supply floor signs and stickers to remind people where they need to stand. If you’re in the office, then we have desk dividers and sneeze guards to easily and safely separate your team.

Headline Printers is here to help you because our business is to keep your business functioning.

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