Top Tips For Local Business Marketing

Our Top Tips For Local Business Marketing

If you run a local business then it makes sense that you’ll want to advertise locally. Marketing your company and its products or services to the people in your local area is a great way to start out if you have aspirations of growing your business too.

Local business marketing can encompass a variety of elements, from digital campaigns to print materials like laminated flyers in Hampshire. As an article for Forbes recently pointed out, including that local touch in your marketing activities can form part of your brand identity, with the news provider stressing that it’s important to remember your roots.

A range of marketing gurus offered their thoughts on the best ways to embrace local business marketing. For instance, Marc Becker from The Tangent Agency told the news provider that location should be just one of the factors that a business uses to target its various audiences.

He also suggested introducing experiential elements to your marketing plan if it’s appropriate, which may require printed marketing collateral to support them.

You could also look at ways to highlight your place in your local community. Darian Kovacs, of Jelly Digital Marketing & PR, suggested sharing information about local spaces and spokespeople with your clients.

This indirectly shows how you fit into your local community, and sharing this kind of information could mean that others do the same for you in the future. He also pointed out that Starbucks has a special tactic for marketing in the different locations it serves – it sells specially branded cups for each city it occupies.

This just goes to show how even global corporations can find a way to make their marketing local.

As a local business, it is a great idea to tap into that sense of place and use that to attract new customers in your area.

An article for Minute Hack also offered some advice for local businesses who are just getting started in marketing for their organisation. One of the tips is to join local groups to give you an opportunity to meet and interact with other local business owners.

Make sure that you don’t go to these meetings empty handed though. Take business cards or flyers with you so that you can share your brand quickly and easily. You can also use these events to look for opportunities where your products or services could complement other businesses in your area.

Of course, online marketing is incredibly important in this day and age and it’s not an area you should neglect. Working with influencers who are local to your area can be a particularly effective way to generate some buzz on social media, Danielle Wiley of the Sway Group told Forbes.

Getting specific with your social media posts, and making sure you target customers in your local area by using local handles can be a great way to further boost your online presence among the people who are most likely to encounter and shop with your business, Mary Ann O’Brien, of OBI Creative, said to the news provider.

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