10 Questions you should ask your printer

10 questions to ask a printer before placing an order


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In this week’s blog, we want to give you some guidance about what you should ask a printer before submitting your print job. Before selecting any printing company, there are few points you have to consider – so here are our suggestions for

10 questions to ask before you place an order.

1. Ask about their design support

Check whether your local professional printing company will provide you design support or not! Several companies have their own design house and they will offer their clients complete design support.

2. Ask for samples

Ask your local printing company to show you samples of their previous work. Check their work portfolio to see what types of services they offer to their clients.

3. Ask what type of files they will need to work from

Different printing projects require different types of files. Looking through your design work, make a note of the types of files involved. Then check that your local printing company can work with, edit and print those types of files.

4. Ask what kind of paper they can provide

The quality of your end product is very important. It is essential that you choose the correct paper type. Check whether your local printing company will provide superior quality printing paper for your print job – whether it is a brochure, poster, invitation or anything else – look at all the options on offer, in terms of paper type, exact colours, gloss/matt finish, embossing and so on.

5. Confirm the deadline

Check that your local printing company is confident that they can provide the finished product within your specified timescale. Ask your chosen company about their realistic timelines, and whether they will guarantee to send you the products on time.

6. Ask more about their guarantees

This is another important point. Always ask your printing company whether they will provide a guarantee on their product quality.

7. Ask about the quality of the machinery

Before selecting any professional printer, ask about the quality of their tools and machinery – are these state-of-the-art?

8. Ask about their other clients

Before confirming with any company, check their experience and ask about their present client list. What types of companies are they working for? Have they got other regular clients who have similar print jobs to yours?

9. Ask for the quote

Now it’s time to ask for your quote from the printer. Most printing companies will be happy to give you a quote face to face or online via their website.

10. Ask for a discount!

There may be a little wiggle room on the quoted price, especially for regular clients or if you have a bulk requirement, so it’s always worth asking for a discount.

So there it is – once you have asked these questions, you should know everything you need to confidently place your order.

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