Know your market

Know your Market

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Marketing sounds like a walk in the park when you read about it. Just throw a design together, decide the medium you want to use it in, throw it out into the real world and watch the customers roll in through the front door. But as those who have walked this path, it is rarely, if ever, as easy as this.



Knowing your target market is crucial before you even start. So many put a flyer or ad together without much thought about who they want to read it, or who their intended market might be. Very few even realise that the approach is different depending on the market you want to capture. The thought process will naturally change over the years, but this is something you must judge at the time. If we use the elderly as an example and let us say you want to advertise a new pension scheme.


Would you put out an email campaign with beautiful graphics and a nice flashing banner depicting the benefits of this latest and greatest pension scheme? You could. Of course, you could. There really isn’t anything you can’t do. But you need to ask how much of your intended market would read this email? As of the writing of this post, the majority of elderly grew up with magazines and newspapers and while some have taken to the digital age quite nicely, a huge percentage have not and much prefer something they can hold and read. A leaflet or brochure will benefit them much more than an email and this is something you should consider.



Absolutely not. Our business may be in printed advertising, but we are also here to advise our customers on the best course of action to take. Most of our customers know exactly what they want and we’re happy to jump to it and get them what they want, exactly when they need it. We stand by our service, and we stand by the work we do and we’re very happy to put our work out there against anyone. But we also believe that different mediums can work together.



People don’t realise it but a lot of the time advertising works best when people combine the different methods. No one is a master of everything, but it’s always worth talking to those who are master of their trade. As always, we’re here to help anyone. Regardless of the size of your business, get in touch and we’ll do all we can to help.


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