Rural is your friend

Rural is your friend

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Rural is your friend


We’ve been highlighting how printed advertising can be just as good and sometimes more beneficial than online advertising, and that still holds true but one thing we haven’t really touched on so far are two groups of people.  Those who don’t really know a lot about online advertising and the whole idea just outs you off, and those who already love printed advertising and just want it to work better for them.


Location, Location, Location

We all want that big hit.  We want as many people to see our advertising as we can.  It’s the obvious answer to target the big cities and plaster the flyers and posters all over the place in hope that a percentage of those living there will contact you for your services.  But what if the cities weren’t the place to begin?  At not at the very beginning.  Let us explain.


Out of the Way?

Hardly anyone looks at rural areas and countryside areas anymore. And that’s the first mistake.  These areas rarely have the best wireless connections and at times the internet doesn’t perform the best.  This is a prime target for printed media rather than an email campaign for example.  The areas may be rural but there’s certainly a healthy supply of people all looking for services just like yours and you’d be crazy not to tap into this.


They Need You!

Residents in these areas openly admit that a lot of the time they rely on newspapers and magazines to stay up to date with certain things.  Things city-folk take for granted.  It’s crazy not to add your business to the mix and make them aware of what you do.  We already know information on flyers and brochures sticks in someone’s mind much more than information on an email.  But it’ll hit home even more when these people are actively looking.  So why not give them something to look at.  Why not give them something to talk about.


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