Printing for Funerals

Printing for Funerals

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Printing for Funerals


A funeral is such a personal and sensitive time.  We’ve all been there and it’s never a nice time.  It’s never something we look forward to and people can be at their most vulnerable during this time.  It can be family or friends but regardless of who it is, people deserve the utmost respect and when it comes to printing for funerals, it’s something we take extremely seriously.



Losing a loved one or someone very close can be a traumatic experience.  It’s a very emotional time and something some people can really struggle with.  During times like these it’s always worth being around good friends and family.  Only together will you get through it and trying to go it alone is never a good thing.

While it can be a difficult time and we all want to get that day over with so we can begin to move on a heal, many people always want something they can remember it by.  A small keepsake.  It’s only natural and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  Some people keep the order of service which can be a simple sheet or a beautifully designed booklet. The choice is yours, but it isn’t one you should take lightly.



When organising a funeral, there is so much to take care of and so many things that need your attention and after a while it can all become a little daunting.  While we may not be able to take a lot of it off your shoulders, we’re very happy to help you with the order of service, a small booklet which can be designed very respectfully in such a way where people will want to take it with them and have it as a reminder of the person they lost.


A funeral is a very personal thing to people.  A lot of the time they can even be unaware of who else is at the funeral because in their mind they are remembering all the good times, and this is natural. We don’t aim to impose on this, we only aim to help as much as can and if we can make at least one thing easier for you, then we consider that a good thing.


Please have a look at this link to see what you should include in a funeral order of service.


Printing for funerals is a service we provide in large part because we care about the people we work with so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need any help.


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