Beauty salon and spa printing

Beauty salon and spa printing

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Our health well-being and self-care has become big business in the last few years. Many of us had to make do with home treatments during the lockdown so with restrictions ending, we’ve all enjoyed the return to the salon or a professional visiting us at home to help us feel relaxed, groomed and cared for. When so many people are moving into these areas of the beauty industry, you will need some really striking marketing tactics to ensure you stand out amongst the competition.


Having your nails done as always felt like a treat with so many choices from shellac to nail art or which colours you want, having nails done is big business. With so many others in the nail business, you’ll need to make sure your marketing stands out. If you have a salon then there is an opportunity to use PVC banners  and pavement A-frames outside to advertise your services. Perhaps you’ve recently opened and therefore its important potential customers know that you are trading. Word of mouth is a great tool to grow your business so why not hand out loyalty cards and perhaps a gift voucher so that your clients walked away feeling valued and special ready to tell their friends to come to you.

Skin care

Advances in technology and greater knowledge about ingredients means that skin care is big business. Our skin just like us is unique therefore a skin care clinic needs to make us feel valued and special as well as reassure us on their expertise. A skin care business can be successful provided clients have plenty of information to hand clearly conveyed through posters or leaflets about their service and products. You can make use of roller banners to inform your clients about other products when they come in for appointments. Make sure that your clients help to market for you by giving them a business card to take away and pass on to friends.


The thing about hair is it just keeps growing which means the hair business will always thrive. If you set up your own hair business, then you’ll need some standout marketing to ensure you get the clients over your competition. You might have taken over another premises so make sure you signal to passers-by that you are open and trading with an outdoor banner. Why not think about a stapled booklet in your branded colours to market all the options for styling at your salon? It also gives your clients something to show family and friends. If you’ve just opened, then gift vouchers can work brilliantly as part of your offline marketing strategy.

Massage reflexology

We’ve become very aware of the impact of stress and the importance of mental health in the last few years and particularly with the told Covid took on all of us and salons offering massages and treatments such as reflexology are very much in demand now. Self-care is so important, and you can upsell other parts of your service with strut cards which are an effective point of sale marketing tool to showcase promotions and special offers.

We are happy to support the beauty salon and spa industry with their offline printed marketing needs.

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