Boost your sales by up to 52%

Boost your sales by up to 52%

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Be honest.  How many of you read the title, tilted your head, maybe even scratched your head a little, and wondering what we were talking about?  Maybe not all of you but I’d wager a fair few of you.

It’s a side of marketing that most companies don’t really think about.  It’s marketing that largely goes unnoticed with people but at the same time it can be very effective.  I know what you’re thinking.  If you’ve sent a package to a customer, then why should you spend any more money when this person already buys from you?  The answer is simple.  Give them a reason to come back.

In-Package Marketing

How often have you sold a service to a customer or an item but secretly wished they would buy more and buy it quick.  Maybe they aren’t 100% sure about anything else and all they need is that little nudge over the edge.  It may be something they have thought about but just don’t want to pay full price.  We’ve all been there.  I know I have.  On more than one occasion.  But when opening my package, I found some in-package marketing offering me a discount off another product if I wanted to give it a try.  Did I take the bait?  You bet I did.

We all love buying ourselves treats and waiting on them arriving but a lot of the time we need a little encouragement.  You’d be surprised what a little in-package marketing can do and the extra money it can generate for your business. In fact, a study showed a whopping 52% of consumers would return to a business if they received some in-package marketing.  90% re-use their packaging so that’s like free marketing all over again and if your packaging is fancy enough, 40% say they take a photo and post on social media.

So why not take advantage and get the ball rolling with some of our deals.  Make printing work for you.

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