Does Printing Quality Matter

Does Printing Quality Matter?

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Does quality Matter? Thousands of businesses need printing in some form or other.  It’s a part of running a business you can’t get away from and it’s not just printing for marketing, it’s also printed material you may need internally.

Paper Quality

Not all paper is created equally.  That’s a fact.  There are different grades of paper.  Different thicknesses.  Matt paper and gloss paper. The options go on and on.  So, what do you go for?  What is the right decision for your business?  This is a question we can happily discuss with you if you want to contact us and talk it over, but we can always offer some advice regardless.

Don’t Print at Home!

Now, obviously you can still do this if you choose to do so, but we strongly advise against it and for good reason.  Most people, if printing at home, will use the standard quality paper you can buy anywhere, and print using an average printer with standard ink. And this will certainly print you a flyer, but you must ask yourself one important question.  Is this the best you can do for your business?  We all know the answer to this.

Put yourself in your customer’s position for a minute.  You hear the door go and two flyers are dropped through the letter box.  One is printed at home on standard paper with colours that might not have come out the way it showed on the computer screen. The other is professional.  Thicker paper. Much better ink.  Colours on point.

It’s obvious which one was printed by professionals, and it says a lot about the business that sent it.  We take comfort in the fact that whatever business we choose to deal with, takes pride in all it does, including marketing.  It speaks to how they think and it’s worth considering how your customers will view you and your business.

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