How do you refresh your brand

How do you refresh your brand

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With a spring in the air, we all have renewed energy and get excited about planning and growing businesses. When you’re in that spring clean energy, why not turn your attention to your branding? You don’t necessarily need to go through a complete rebrand, why not think about just refreshing your brand with a new look a tweak to your logo or different fonts and colour palettes. We’ve got everything you need to support that process.


It’s a mistake to think that you should focus solely on your online branding and marketing. There are so many instances where you still need to send physical letters, so it’s important to have premium quality letterhead that markets for you. If you’ve decided to give your brand refresh, your letterheads and continuation sheets will need to show this subtle shift in colours or font. It might be that you deliver goods or will send out packages and it’s always nice to include a compliment slip that promotes your brand and builds recognition. It’s a subtle but effective reminder of what you do and how you help.

Printed literature that supports your business

Quite often we use stationery and paperwork without even thinking about it. From booklets and brochures why not use this method of communicating with your customers that you’ve had a refresh of your brand. It’s the perfect excuse to send out information about what you do just to remind clients who you are. It might be that they only use a particular product or service that you offer and through brochure booklet printing, you have a fantastic opportunity to communicate how much more you can do. You could talk about the refresh of your brand on the cover to grab some attention and hint that there is more important information inside.

The power of brochures

Lots of us leave email marketing unopened but there’s very few that can resist leafing through a brochure or stapled booklet that sparks curiosity. Printed brochures can be a highly effective method of presenting your marketing at a low cost. You can make it part of a targeted campaign that on the surface looks like a brand refresh but can subtly upsell other elements of your business to your clients.

What does a refresh do?

You’ve no doubt put a lot of energy into your branding so a refresh is just some polish and revisiting areas of the business where perhaps it could be more distinct. Your business has likely evolved or diversifying in the last year or two. You may well deliver goods now so perhaps there is an opportunity to use your brand in different ways perhaps in the form of leaflets packed with goods or stickers to seal packages. When branding is successful in every aspect of the business, there is a distinctly consistent feel and messaging. This needs to run right across the company in your signage, workwear, menus, leaflets and flyers. Ensuring that every area of the business has a strong sense of your brand really reinforces how you provide value.

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