How Effective Is Printed Advertising

How Effective Is Printed Advertising – better than email it seems!

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How Effective Is Printed Advertising – better than email it seems!


You have a business, and you want that business to succeed! We get it, no one wants to spend money until they make some money, and for a lucky few that might actually happen.  In reality, the majority of businesses need to spend money to get their name out before potential customers will know they’re there.  Printed Advertising is one way that can happen.


Trusted Ads Statistics

It’s always useful to know some statistics to help you make up your mind because it’s not an easy decision to make.  You have to weigh up the money you have and how best to use it at the beginning to maximise the effects.  If you wanted to advertise your business and you had two options.

1. You could use flyers or printed coupons to attract customers,

2. Or you could hire someone to do a huge email campaign for you.

Which do you choose?  I bet most of you are thinking email campaign, right?  It’s not a bad way to get your name out there, but until you’ve built some trust with a customer it can come off a bit like junk mail, and no one likes junk mail.


Print Marketing Statistics
Print Marketing Statistics

Studies are conducted all the time and one such study showed that the response rate for printed mail is 4.4%.  That doesn’t seem like much, in fact it would make you wonder if it was really worth it.  But it’s definitely worth it when you find out the same study showed that response rate for emails was in and around 0.12%.


Are you going to put some money into Printed Advertising or are you going to launch an email campaign and hope for the best?


Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help your business succeed.  We have a huge range of options available to you from business cards to flyers to posters and even bus shelter posters.  How many buses pass in a week with how many people on board?  Not a bad place to start.


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