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How to campaign in local elections 2022

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We’re only weeks away from the local elections they are expected to be hotly contested and emotive. Whilst many strategies for success tend to exist online, local elections are one area that remains all about being visible in person in the local area. Fortunately, we’ve got stacks of experience in supporting candidates in the Portsmouth, Havant and Waterlooville area so let’s talk about how our printing can help you.

What is the purpose of an election campaign?

In simple terms, a candidate is trying to persuade voters to support their ideas. A successful candidate will have a sound knowledge of the local area and the issues that affect the community. When campaigns are run well, they successfully broadcast and repeat their messaging and policy issues both verbally and through printed literature. You can’t knock every single door in the local area so why not get your message and name out there with our banner printing. We have budget friendly classic roller banners, double sided banners and even weather resistant PVC banners that can ensure your name and a message is seen everywhere. You can try a strategically placed lamppost banner as a powerful way to reach voters and connect with the issues that affect them.

Candidate brochure

We’re all very familiar with the leaflets and brochures come through our letterboxes during a campaign period. It’s an important way to summarise what the candidate stands for and what they pledge to do for the community. It’s an exceptionally important form of printing for anyone running for office because they need to effectively sum up who they are on one page with a design that has the most important statements clearly broadcast. We can ensure your design stands out among the other hopefuls in your ward. We can perfectly match the colour of your political party and make sure you stand out with effective design and font that gets your message across. We know that election campaigns are a busy time, so you are likely using all your resource campaigning so why not hand over the flyer and leaflet distribution to us? Not only do we print them with all the relevant information on you, but we can ensure they are put through doors in a targeted area.

How to get noticed out on the campaign trail

Candidates that are serious about being elected, know that it is extremely important to be visible in the community. Many of them will make public appearances either in community-based buildings or shopping centres with large footfall. In these locations it’s imperative that they are seen and heard. Our promotional megaphones are customised with your colours ensuring you’re both visible and heard. Just in case people can’t hear you through the megaphone, we can help you really ramp up the volume with foldable hand clappers. If you’re holding a husting or debate you want to make sure you get as many in attendance as possible, then our hand clappers pay perfectly with loudhailers.

Best of luck for your campaign!

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