How to throw your own Street Party

How to throw your own Street Party

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The time is getting closer where we will be marking the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and many of you are looking to hold a Street Party to Celebrate.

This is a time where family, friends and members of your community will be coming to together to celebrate this event and why wouldn’t you? Queen Elizabeth will be the first British Monarch in history to celebrate 70 years on the throne!

Street Parties started in around 1919 called ‘peace teas’ for children after the 1st world war and they were always decorated that is why we have created our Platinum Jubilee Printing service.

When we take a moment and think about the enjoyment, we all experienced on VE Day, many of us are more than be ready for another neighbourhood knees up – but how do you plan a street party?

Why have a street party?

This is a moment in history and it’s an opportunity to make a memory that will last a lifetime. As a family run business, we know how important family is and we can’t think of anything better to bring the community together to celebrate.  The street is the best place for the party, and you get to enjoy the street without cars. Kids can play safely and its suitable for all ages and backgrounds. This is a royal event, and it shows your love for the Queen and Country. We created a great banner to show just that.

No party would be complete without decorating so embrace the party vibe and transform your normally suburban street into a brightly decorated royal wonderland.  We can customise your artwork with the text of your choice.

It does take some planning; all your hard work will pay off when you’re enjoying the fun and a glass of bubbly don’t forget to invite the queen!

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