How we help the travel and accommodation industry

How we help the travel and accommodation industry

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Every single one of us need something to look forward to this year whether it’s a holiday, a weekend break or just a day trip. When you work hard it’s important to take some time to recharge the batteries and get away from your home. If you work in the travel, tourism, and accommodation industry we have a range of print materials that can help promote what you offer.

Day tripper

A special tour, trip or sightseeing adventure is something everyone enjoys. You will want to get customers headed in your direction so why not start with some flyers and folded leaflets? A really cost-effective way to ensure lots of people see what you offer by handing them out in busy local areas that have a lot of footfall. If you’re running a particular promotion, you may want a bigger geographical spread so why not use our flyer and leaflet distribution service to promote your day out. Often sightseeing companies use specialised transport so why not build more business as you’re working with a magnetic vehicle sign. It might be there’s a rendezvous point so you want to make sure no one misses the departure; we can help with pavement A-frame that signpost who you are and where people should be ready for the big day.

Weekend breaks

A few days staying somewhere different in the UK can often be enough to recharge the batteries. It’s important that guests have the best possible experience because they’ll tell all their friends about your accommodation and part of providing that service is by ensuring they’ve got all the information they need. From menus in the room so they can use room service or stapled booklets with lots of information on the local area. You can help promote other businesses locally and ensure that visitors know about local cafés, restaurants or sightseeing opportunities in the vicinity. A great way to increase business could be to have a gift voucher in the room that can offer discounts either for referrals or repeat visitors. You may need to impart other information in around your hotel or accommodation so our essential roller banners and posters printing help to keep your guests informed

Travel agents

The travel industry has been amongst hardest hit throughout the COVID pandemic with constant restrictions travel abroad has been incredibly difficult. On the plus side many travel agents have adopted by offering UK breaks and with further lifting of restrictions it looks like we might all get some sun this year. So how do you recover from the impact of COVID, well one way to start is to ensure your premises have lots of exciting posters, banners and window stickers showing the destinations you can cater for. If you are an independent travel agent, you can really personalise your marketing and service to ensure you build your business and people tell their family and friends about you.

We want to help the tourism and travel businesses in the Havant and Waterlooville area so get in touch and let us get you going with printed marketing.

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