How we support the automotive and transport industry with printing

How we support the automotive and transport industry with printing


With the working landscape now completely transformed, lots of people have decided to start their own businesses in the automotive industry such as car washing, courier and driving schools. There is a whole raft of printing and signage that can help steer your success and with our vast experience supporting these industries, we are on hand to help. The automotive and transport industry can’t succeed without an off-line marketing strategy and there are plenty of ways that we can kick this into gear.

Car wash

Washing your car is a bit like washing your hair, no sooner has it done then it needs to be washed again. There are certain industries that will always do well, and car washing is one of them. There are quite a few in the Portsmouth, Havant and Waterlooville area so how do you make yours stand out? Inevitably these businesses rely on local trade so an effective way to get yourself seen is through flyers or digital leaflets. This allows you to target the specific geographical area you want to reach making sure everyone knows about your car washing services. You may wish to talk about the different levels of your service so what better way to broadcast this then through a poster. It’s important to make sure everyone can see your facility so that’s where our outdoor PVC banners come in helping you to get noticed quickly. Why not use fence banners to get brand visibility in the immediate area around your car wash?

Courier service

We have become increasingly reliant on the delivery of packages and parcels. With a vast number of products being ordered online, fast reliable courier service is a growing industry. With many people working from home now, it is incredibly convenient to have products delivered via courier. You want to make sure everyone knows who you are when you’re out and about so our magnetic vehicle signs will help advertise your business and publicise contact details. When you drop off packages, why not leave a business card or a branded letterhead that keeps you in the mind of the recipient? Another effective way of ensuring repeat business is by including a branded thank you card with the package. Need to recruit more drivers locally, then why not print short run flyers to ensure your vacancy is publicised.

Driving schools

If you are patient and calm, it couldn’t be easier to set up your own business by starting a driving school. The best thing about earning in this way is that whilst you have learners in the car paying for lessons, the vehicle itself is helping to promote your business through magnetic vehicle signs. It’s the perfect way to get some visibility from other people who want to learn how to drive. If you’re successful with your students, why not leave a business card with them so that they can pass your details on to friends. Word-of-mouth and referral are powerful marketing tools, and a business card helps to support that.

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