Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales - Part 4

Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales – Part 4

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Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales #4


Okay, we’ve covered a decent amount of information and hopefully this helps people understand some of the key advantages of printed marketing.  It can be a section of marketing that gets overlooked in this modern digital age, which is ironic considering that many digital ads are overlooked because when people are focused on one thing, they often scroll right past an ad.


This isn’t the case for printed marketing.  We already know that information on a flyer or brochure is more likely to stick than if it was on digital format.


There’s another reason to use printed marketing to drive sales, and I’ve left this one until last on purpose.  Mainly because it’s something near and dear to us.  And that’s because we strongly believe with printed marketing it’s much more personal.  And we don’t just mean between your business and the customer, but also between us doing the printing and you, our client.  We feel there’s much more care taken when designing a poster or a menu for your restaurant.  It’s something that will last and hopefully become a conversation point.  It’s something that might get passed around from one person to the next. It has to look good, and it has to deliver the message you intended but also do it with a little class.  It’s not just the copy on the banner or exhibition stand, it’s also the design of the material itself.  It’s the material used and the types of ink most suited to what you need.  And this will only come with experience.


At Headline Printers, we’ve always believed in a ‘hands on’ approach and we work closely with any client who comes our way whether it be a one-off order or someone looking to set up an ongoing relationship.  Our customers are our business just as much as printing and we will strive to deliver the absolute best marketing material for your business.  We love what we do and we’re always looking for a challenge and if all you want are some business cards, then give us a call and we’ll help you come up with the best solution.


Seems obvious, but our ‘contact us’ page never closes.  It’s open 24/7 and ready to welcome anyone into the family.

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