Make your ad campaign up to 400% more effective

Make your ad campaign up to 400% more effective

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Make your AD campaign up to 400% more effective!


How to make your AD campaign more effective. How many businesses have we seen come and go over the years?  A lot more than we can remember and even that pales in comparison to the ones we don’t know about.  The world can be a very difficult place at times, and for any business it can be tough to get your name out there and build trust, and Headline Printers can help build that trust.



Printing may seem like a backward step in this golden online era and indeed many businesses have been pushing their advertising online this last load of years, so why, you ask, would you ever consider printed advertising for your own business?  The answer is much simpler than you think and when you understand it, you’ll breath a sigh of relief that you won’t have to navigate the minefield of online advertising and keywords and keyword phrases.


The Key

The key is what builds trust between a customer and a brand?  We all know it happens over time but how much trust has been eroded online with fake ads and pop-ups that no one wants to see?  As it turns out, quite a lot. Let me give you an example: a study showed that mail we get through the door has a massive 80% open rate (that is 80% of all posted mail is open and read by the recipient).  Let’s look at email now.  It’s a pretty shocking reversal:  80% of emails are deleted without being read.



Are we saying to abandon online advertising?  Not at all.  Because another study was able to show that on average combining online ads with printed ads will make your campaign roughly 400% more effective.  Let us type that again:  it will make your advertising campaign 400% more effective!  So just when you thought it was safe to jump into online advertising only, it turns out that leaflets, banners, exhibition stands, flyers and posters can all play a really important role in your campaign.


As always, our staff are here to help you take that step in transforming your business into a real trustworthy brand.  Give us a call and let us help.


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