Printed vs Digital - The Numbers Don't Lie

Printed vs Digital – The Numbers Don’t Lie

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Printed vs Digital – The Numbers Don’t Lie!


It’s true that a digital ad will reach a lot more people online than a printed one will going round the doors, but that really isn’t the whole story.  There’s much more to consider when thinking of how to spend your hard-earned cash when it comes to advertising.


We’ve discussed before about how much more effective a printed ad is over a digital one and how an advert read on a flyer or poster will stick in someone’s memory much longer than it ever would if read online.  It’s just a fact and there’s no getting around it.  Online, you’re bombarded with ad after ad after ad and it can get really tiresome.  With printed material, you have it in your hand and you’re much more focused on reading it and it just sticks.  When it sticks, you’re more likely to visit the business or at the very least, check the website.


BPIF Study

We briefly touched on this in our last post but the long-term effects of gazing at a screen day in and day out aren’t good.  The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF for short) carried out a study to get an idea of how people felt about their electronic devices such as phones and tablets and computers. The numbers really do tell a story and worth taking note.  It showed that 49% of people believed they spent too much time on their device and 46% believed it was damaging their health long term.  But the biggest number and the most interesting was a whopping 57% of those surveyed preferred reading print over reading digital.


The world may go paper free at some stage but that’s a long way off and not taking advantage of printing could very well damage your business.  It doesn’t have to just be flyers.  It can be posters or menus to the likes of desk pads and drinks coasters.  It’s all printed, and people well see it and your business will get noticed.


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