Printing for weddings how we help couples and wedding planners

Printing for weddings how we help couples and wedding planners


Printing for weddings how we help couples and wedding planners

With covid restrictions around indoor venues and weddings loosening, we can look forward to lots of weddings that have been postponed and rescheduled over the last two years. The wedding industry is big business, and we provide a whole raft of printing for weddings and services that help to support wedding planners, venues, and the happy couple themselves.

Printing for the bride and groom

The first indication that your friends and family receive on your upcoming nuptials is a save the date card in the post. It is usually themed in the wedding colours, and it gives your guest the first whiff of excitement about your happy day. Once they have added this to their calendars, around six months prior, couples send out the wedding invitations. A wedding invite includes all the important detail about the big day including date, arrival time, ceremony time, location and how they respond. Lots of invitations now include a link to the couple’s website and even a QR code that can be scanned to show all the exciting details. Once opened, invitations will have separate inserts with RSVP cards or details of the bride and grooms gift list. When the ceremony is over, you need to send out thank you cards for your gifts or the part that friends and family played in your big day.

How we help wedding planners

Wedding planners and event coordinators are the miracle workers who take the headache away from organising the big day. Wedding planning is about organisation and delivering calm so that the happy couple can just focus on looking forward to the celebration part. For people to know about the service you offer you’ll need to get your name out there and what better way with than with flyers and leaflets? If you’re at a wedding exhibition or event, you want to make sure prospective couples can find you and our essential roller panels banners will make sure your stand is crystal clear. Before they walk away, you’ll want to hand over a business card so that they know how to follow up with you. If you manage to firm up an appointment, then you may want to leave something with them that keeps you in their minds and makes an incredible impression. What better way to showcase what you do than a saddle stitched booklet in branded colours in one of our  presentation folders.

On the wedding day

It’s finally here, that far off date in the calendar that everyone has been looking forward to has dawned. When your guests arrive at your wedding venue, you want them to be in no doubt as to which way they need to head, and our essential roller banner can send them in the right direction. Once inside the venue, after the ceremony attention will turn to the wedding breakfast. To point the guests in the right direction, you will need a table plan. On the table there are name place cards – this is when you find out you’re stuck with an ancient relative – but the delicious menu and complimentary wine will go a long way to softening the blow!

Let us help you prepare for the happiest day of your lives with printing for weddings from Headline Printers in Havant

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