Schools out - printing for proms and end of exams parties

Schools out – printing for proms and end of exams parties

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They say your school years are the best of your life, but it doesn’t stop us all from celebrating when they are over. The end of studying and the pressure of exams is a great reason to party. Many of our school leavers will be celebrating with proms as these have grown in popularity in the last few years and have become full-scale events much like their American counterparts. Parents need to prepare for an expenditure akin to a second mortgage, but most are happy to mark this rite of passage for their child and most will want to take lots of photographs. If you are organising a prom or are brave enough to let your child host a party, we have stacks of printing that will make your event much more special.

Proms and parties

Whether it’s a prom or an end-of-year party, we have everything you need to say goodbye to your school years. From personalised cards to selfie frames to use before prom, we are here to support your celebration. Whether you are celebrating before the prom or after, how wonderful would it be to have a room filled with posters cataloguing your school journey from start to finish? We have the perfect blend of printed products to capture the imagination at any party, prom, or event. From banners and posters to stickers and flyers,  or even signage pointing to the party.

Posters and selfie frames

Decorating your venue with lots of images of your classmates can be loads of fun. Our poster printing is the highest possible quality using state-of-the-art digital technology on a selection of premium quality papers. Our digital photo posters are available in a variety of sizes, to fit frames of all sizes. Selfie frames are perfect for parties and celebrations, offering a fun way to capture the moment and create memories that will last. Our frame props are ideal for snapping fun photos at your end-of-school party or prom. We have different size selfie frames that fit from two to three people inside but hey, we’re not going to stop you from trying to cram as many of your friends into the frame as you want! Printed in a variety of sizes onto lightweight correx or super sturdy foamex, our selfie frames can also be cut into custom shapes for unique party props. Add some extra creativity to events by adding our fun and functional photo aids. It’s not just frames we provided, we have selfie frame props too from emojis or fun accessories such as lips and moustaches!

Schools out forever

There might have been that one teacher who played a massive part in your school journey you want to say thank you to. What about a keyring or personalised mug to show them how much you appreciate them? You could always have a personalised card saying “Class of 2022” and have all your tutor group sign it. It’s something special to keep and cherish in a memory box to remember your school days.

Have a wonderful summer!

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