Signs and printing for campaign in the local elections May 2022

Signs and printing for campaign in the local elections May 2022


We’re all slightly weary of hearing about politics in the news but the local elections are looming and will be held on the 5th of May 2022. With elections for all London borough councils plus local seats in Portsmouth and Havant up for grabs, we can expect campaigning to begin in earnest shortly. Luckily, we are on hand to help with everything that is needed for the election

Placard printing

The colours of the various political parties are a distinct brand that we instantly associate with that political affiliation. We are able to replicate the colours precisely and ensure those campaigning are able to convey their message. We can provide handheld placards that are sturdy yet light weight, perfect to get visible in outdoor rallies. Placards also work well fixed to gates and fencing if you have some supporters in local areas willing to attach these. We can also supply garden signs, so you can get your constituants to show their support for you in the upcoming election.

Promotional megaphones

Political campaigning is all about getting your personality and message across so you need to make sure everyone can hear you loud and clear. Our promotional megaphones are customised with your colours ensuring you’re both visible and heard. Just in case people can’t hear you through the megaphone, we can help you really ramp up the volume with foldable hand clappers. If you’re holding a husting or debate you want to make sure you get as many in attendance as possible, then our hand clappers pay perfectly with loudhailers.

Banners for campaigns

You can’t knock every single door in the local area so why not get your message and name out there with our banner printing. We have budget friendly classic roller banners, double sided banners and even weather resistant PVC banners that can ensure your name and a message is seen everywhere. You can try a strategically placed lamppost banner as a powerful way to gather support. Why not have a message that spreads out over a sequence on a main route? That way you can reach people even if they’re just on their morning commute. It’s surprising how powerful this messaging can be, and it will sit in the hearts and minds of the voters.

Manifesto Printing – Flyers and leaflets

This form of printing remains incredibly important for anyone running for council. It allows them to summarise who they are, what they stand for and how they plan to serve their local community.

We can ensure your design stands out among the other hopefuls in your ward. We can perfectly match the colour of your political party and make sure you stand out with effective design and font that gets your message across. We know that election campaigns are a busy time, so you are likely using all your resource campaigning so why not hand over the flyer and leaflet distribution to us? Not only do we print them with all the relevant information on you, but we can ensure they are put through doors in a targeted area.

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