Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales - Part 2

Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales – Part 2

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Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales #2


And we’re back with our second blog in this series.  Using printed marketing to help drive sales.  Just as a reminder, we aren’t taking a shot at digital marketing.  Far from it.  We’re just highlighting the benefits printed marketing can have on your business, or at least the reasons why it can be useful over digital marketing.


Printed marketing makes your business memorable. It does.  Serious.  We aren’t kidding about this.  A well-designed leaflet or brochure will always have a much more lasting impact compared to a digital ad someone sees on the internet.  Granted, they can click on the ad and it can take them straight to the target page and all that sounds great.  But that someone can just as easily log off and think ‘oh I’ll get to that later.’  And they might.  Or they might not.  They could just forget about it and focus on the next ad they see.


With printed marketing, it’s always there.  They can hold it and study it and leave it on the table to come back to later.  If it’s a business card it will sit on the bench or in their wallet or purse.  It’s something they can re-visit without the cost of a click.  It makes your business stand out.  It makes you memorable and that is more than halfway to turning that person into a customer.


Above, we touched on your business standing out.  And that is another reason why printed marketing could work better.  We are in an age where you wake up in the morning and the first thing most of us do is take a glance at our phones to see what’s going on in the world.  We’ve never been more glued to screens before.  There’s a reason why companies like Apple have brought our software to alert us as to how long we’ve been glued to screens.  It isn’t always good for us.  And what’s worse, every time you’re online you get shot-gunned with ads and notifications until you’ve got them pouring out your ears.  How many of them do you remember?  Very few I’d bet.


But if you got a high-quality business card or leaflet through the door, it stands out against the sea of online ads you’ve been used to seeing all day.  A beautiful design on high quality materials with gorgeous colours is sure to stick in anyone’s mind.


And Headline Printers can help you with those designs. Contact us now for a quote.  You won’t be disappointed.


Keep an eye out for part 3 of this series, which will go live next Monday morning.

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