Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales - Part 3

Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales – Part 3

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Use Printed Marketing to Drive Sales #3


Welcome back to our series on using printed marketing to drive sales!  All that was missing were the bright lights and a few fireworks. But we’ll make do without.


If you’ve read our previous blogs you’ll have seen where we discuss the benefits of printed marketing, and we’ll continue that with this blog as well.  We made a few comments before explaining that we weren’t putting down digital marketing and we meant that, because all types of marketing have earned their place in the world.  It’s very easy to forget one over another or to convince yourself that one form of marketing won’t work for you.


Here’s where we justify ourselves.  We really weren’t throwing dirt onto digital marketing. And we also mentioned before where some companies use printed marketing, some use digital marketing, but there are a lot of companies who use multi-channel marketing.  This is where they will use both printed and digital to target their customers.  And this works really well. (If you check one of our previous posts, we discuss the boost in sales that are possible if you combine both printed and digital marketing).


There have been studies done to show the benefits of combining the two and the reason are simple when you look at them.  You’re going to reach a much wider audience if you use both and not only that, but you’re also very likely to reach different age groups as well.  The number of times I’ve walked in and seen my own father reading a flyer and showing me what it’s all about is pretty embarrassing.  Online ads?  That’s a different matter.  He’s of the generation where trust must be earned.  Printed marketing has earned his trust over the years.  Doesn’t mean he buys into it all, but he knows it’s genuine.  The younger generation are more likely to buy into online ads but a business that targets both can only be a good thing.


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Keep an eye out for part 4 of this series, which will go live next Monday morning.

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