Why printing still matters

Why printing still matters

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You might be wondering why printing matters at all, and to be fair you probably aren’t on your own.  But when it comes to running a business it’s much more important than you’d give it credit for. Let’s look at maybe some of the more important aspects of printing.


Okay, this is an easy one and the most obvious.  Whether you have a large business or a small business, marketing is a major factor in getting your business out there and trying to create a brand that people will recognise. Not to mention the various media in marketing you can tap into.  If you want people to find your business, then there must be consistency and the same design language across this media.  And by various media I mean items such as letterheads, brochures, banners, invoices and even workwear.  It all speaks to your brand, and how you want it to look.  None of this is possible without printing.  Yes, granted there’s the online approach, but there are millions of potential customers who first become aware of a business because of a brochure or a business card.  It should never be underestimat


This one is often overlooked but when you have your business up and running one of the best things you can do is network, get to know other businesses around you who might use you or, as is often the case, can spread the word to others about your business.  A printed catalogue or a pamphlet or a business card can be passed from one person to the next.  It’s a side of building your business you can’t ignore and it’s vitally important to have this ready before you begin to network.


Above I wrote something that said ‘brand’.  By that I mean ‘company brand.’  Many associate brands with large companies such as Apple and Nike and Coca-Cola.  These are massive brands, and you can never mistake them.  You might say to yourself ‘these guys don’t use printing services!’  Well, you’d be wrong.  Let me give you the easiest example where one of these huge companies uses a printing service that helps to create their brand where it can never be mistaken.  Inside every Apple product you’ll open and see somewhere printed on the packaging ‘Designed by Apple in California.’  Even if their logo wasn’t there, you’d know it was Apple.  Printing is an essential part of building any company image.

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