Workwear and printing for trades

Workwear and printing for trades


With the construction industry spearheading our economic recovery, workwear, and printing services for various trades in the Havant, and Portsmouth area is in high demand. Fortunately, we know how fast paced this world can be and have years of experience in delivering quickly when needed.

Printed workwear

We know how important it is that the first time your customers encounter your team that they make a good impression. Smart high-quality workwear that carries your logo plays a massive part in how your business is perceived. Workwear needs to be fit for purpose and comfortable for the wearer. In addition to this, it’s important that the team are wearing a colour that reflects the brand with a logo that stands out and is well finished. We have strategically partnered with Kustom Kit and Uneek who can offer the right fabrics and range for our clients paired with our high-quality printing and embroidery to get your business seen.

The skilled trades we support

We are proud to deliver printing for the local construction industry and here are some of the trades we help:


With winter still upon us, we’ve been battered by storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin recently and sadly for some this exposes the age of our roofs. If you’re unlucky enough to have a leak, you need to be able to find a reliable roofer. This is the time when your flyer and leaflet distribution pays dividends as people in need dig out your details. If you pop round to look at any loose tiles or leaky roofs, make sure you leave them a business card because a visual prompt just helps keep you in their minds if more than roofer is quoting. Once you’re on the job, a correx sign outside will help to drum up more business as well as ensuring your van has a branded magnetic sign so passers-by know who to contact.


There is a range of tasks we need doing around our homes so a decent, reliable and honest handyman can build quite a business for themselves. There are so many small tasks that other trades don’t have time to do so it’s useful for many, especially the elderly if they can dig out your details. It’s important your potential customers know the range of tasks you can carry out for them so why not showcase your talents with a stapled booklet carefully packaged in a presentation folder. This is a great marketing people to leave with potential clients so that they can browse at their leisure and keep on file for when they need you.


We help the building trades in the Havant, Waterlooville and Portsmouth area and we are proud to support you through plan printing and useful printing such as flyers and leaflets that make sure everyone knows about your business locally. When you’re working hard for your customers, we can make sure everyone knows about your work with correx site boards, printed banners and fence banners to ensure your logo and contact details are right in front of anyone as you work.


We help groundworking teams with plan printing for quoting on the their next job, time sheets so you they can keep on top of the hours their gangs have worked. We also supply them with workwear and Hi-Vis to make sure they are seen. We have clothing options for all weather conditions.

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